Power your brand with Typogram, a web-based custom brand builder for small businesses and startups.
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Quality branding at affordable prices
Design professional-looking branding with our web-based custom brand builder. By integrating bite-sized learning material and curating design elements, Typogram empowers you to realize your creative vision and design the brand that you love.
Anyone can design their distinctive brand.
No experience? No worries.
Startup founders
Introduce your business to the world by creating your brand. Save time, money and be 100% in control of your brand from the very beginning.
Small business owners
Drive your sales by creating powerful brand messaging through consistent visuals across all touch points.
Freelance graphic designers
Create logos and brand guidelines for your customers quickly and seamlessly in our app.
Frequently asked questions
What exactly is Typogram?

Typogram is a custom brand builder for small business owners and entrepreneurs. We believe that with the right tools, anyone can be creative enough to build their brand. We build Typogram with professional curation and small lessons to simulate the experience of working with a real designer. This process guides you in making the right decisions for your brand.

What is a brand guideline and why is it important? 

Color palettes, typography, tone, and voice are important pieces that build your brand and define your company and product to your customers. The brand guideline keeps this message defined and consistent across all point of sales and communication items. 

How are you different from services like 99Design? 

Other creative services do not guarantee quality results. With Typogram, you are in total control of the quality of work and you can always get someone to help you on our platform.

Who are you guys?

We are a team of designers who believe access to quality branding should be available at lower costs. We also have a studio where we create custom work and collaborate with companies like Google. 

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What is the pilot? 

The pilot is an opportunity where you get to try to our software for a lower price for a fixed time. We are currently running a two-hour pilot with our custom brand builder. You will get to use our software to create a logo and brand guidelines for your business. If you don’t like the results we will refund you.

What do I receive from the pilot? 

You leave the pilot with a logo, fonts, and brand guideline.

Can I use your program now? 

Very soon! You should get on our mailing list or sign up for the pilot to get a taste!

How can I get in touch? 

Email hello@typogram.co, subscribe to our mailing list or chat with us using the chat button in the lower right corner. We are friendly!


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